With his experience in the world of perfumery, Bernard Gangler founded his expertise firm in Paris in 1990.

Expert in collectible perfume bottles, archival documents and everything related to the world of Haute Parfumerie from the 19th century to the present day, Bernard Gangler is also a specialist in Hermès, Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton’s accessories from the19th to the 20th centuries. 

Expert for auctioneers and for most of perfume bottles’s fairs in France. He is an advisor to specialized museums and a lecturer.  He participated in more than 150 public auctions.

Having produced more than a hundred articles, radio programs and TV shows, he is also the author of 3 reference books: “Parfums de collections – Deux siècles parfumés”, “Miniatures de parfum de collection” and “Flacons Guerlain, Collection de Sylvie Guerlain” published by Editions du Chêne E/P/A.


After studying psychology in Scientific Organization of Work at the Arts et Métiers de Paris, he worked for four years in the perfumery company “Saint Michel et Vigny  “. He then participated in the development of the new distribution of perfumery in France.

In parallel with the creation of the Galaxie perfumeries in Paris, he carried out a study on the perfumery market in New York.

Back in France, he created in 1984 ”  The Perfumery area  in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. It was then a new concept that was born in the French capital  : the first large semi-self-service perfumery with a space of 500 m².

Then, he will become a technical advisor for various perfumery brands. During the same period, he founded the hair and cosmetics laboratory ”  Biocapil  whose registered office was at 34 Avenue des Champs Elysée, Paris.

In 1990, he set up as an expert at the request of auctioneers and he carried out the first online public auction of collectible perfume bottles.

He passed his examination for accession to expert status in Paris, on the subject of glassware. Bernard GANGLER belonged for several years to the ORDINEX union, whose headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, he is an approved expert with the Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels en Œuvres d’Art et Objets de Collection et de la Chambre Européenne des Experts d’Art.

His previous professions have enabled him to build up an important address book. He was also able to establish contacts with many collectors in France and abroad. This allowed his expertise firm to develop very quickly.

27 Rue Victor-Hugo,

92120 Montrouge, France

+33 6 09 44 02 06

Member of SFEP

Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels

en œuvres d’art et objets de collection

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